honda accord
The Best Features Of New Honda Accord

Honda Accord has been in the market for many years now, and it is one of the most sought after cars in the word, due to its comfort, reliability and exceptional practicality. Similarly, the new Honda Accord offers is anticipated to hold its dominant position in the jam-packed midsize sedan segment with its sporty style feature and more comfortable interiors. The Honda Accord new car deals have bagged a range of awards for its stylish looks and exceptional value for money. Keep reading to understand about the new features listed the new Honda Accord –

Stylish Appearance

The new Honda Accord offers acknowledgers a sleek and trendy design. This has been improved from the previous year’s design, where the dowdy nose and body-sides have been discarded from the previous year’s model. The design looks more mature now with hard edges, better proportions, and elegant angles. This trendy sedan now looks aggressive with a curvaceous hood and narrow headlights with a single line that swathes in the top section in a delicate manner. In the new Honda Accord promotion, the roof pillars are moved backwards by 4 inches, which makes it appear sportier than the earlier versions.

Powerful Engines

Whether you are driving through crowded city streets or on the highway, the new Honda Accord offers ample power to keep the vehicle moving. The stylish sedan comes with two engine options. The base engine is a lively 1.5 litre turbo four which could give up to 192 horsepower. Variable transmission is also available to offer a better fuel efficiency. If you choose the Sport trim, you can opt for a six-speed manual transmission. The engine emits about 252 horsepower with the 6-speed manual transmission.

Technologically Upgraded

The display screen inside the car, offers the driver with real time updates on the transmission of energy between the engine and the motor. So, you will always be aware of what is happening under the hood. You can also integrate your smart phone to have control over the music, to check traffic and weather, or attend phone calls or listen to text messages. These driver-assistive technologies minimise the risks of driving collisions. It will alert you on time, and help avoid any unavoidable collisions.

Incredible Interiors

Well, we know that the exteriors of Honda Accord are impressive, but the inside complements the exterior design. It has an impressive legroom space in both the front and back part, enough to seat up to five adult people comfortably. If you want to add to the looks, incorporate leather seats or heated seats in both the front and rear. Efficient ventilation is available to keep the passengers cool on hot days.

Hopefully these features will help you make the right decision. Are you ready to experience the new Honda Accord? Stop by today for a test drive!