Some Good Reasons to Choose Ford Focus Cars

The all new Ford Focus is one of the best-selling cars year after year. It delivers more style, space and advanced driving technologies, hence it emerges as the most sought mid-size family car among customers than ever before. The new Ford Focus offers a comprehensive range of innovative driving technologies that provides a seamless driving experience for the drivers to among the traffic, to drive in the dark and ease of parking simply by holding down a button. These features have greatly avoided accidents. Here are some good reasons to consider the Ford Focus deals

Powerful Engine

The Ford Focus poses a powerful engine comprising of a 350 horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It presents a sporty and powerful performance. The 6-speed manual transmission offered by the car offers a smooth and complete drive.

Sporty and Spacious

The Ford Focus is best in its class, with a long bonnet and well-built rear sides. Each model is distinctive with unique elements like – highlighted exterior, open front apertures, contrast silver front and skid plates at the back for the active drivers. The front doors of Ford Focus offer a graceful open and close to offer a more premium feel. It also offers more space inside for the passengers who travel and to keep their luggage. The wide interiors offer knee clearance for both passengers at the front and at the rear. Also, folding the rear seats is also simplified, enhancing the boot space.


Ford has completely revamped the exterior of Ford Focus to justify its sporty looks. The mirrors on the exteriors have a black and sleek look, which has upgraded from its earlier models. The 19-inch forged painted wheels are also available in different models. Moreover, the aerodynamic design of the exteriors has improved on the drivability.

Enhanced Safety Features

There is not much changes in the safety features, but Ford Focus offers a solid safety package. Despite the road conditions, drivers can feel safe with the built-in dual-sided airbags, seat belts, and safety canopy system. These seat belts can be adjusted according to their height, keeping the passenger more secure and fit. The child-safety rear locks and the latch system keep the families with younger children safe. Ultimately, the rear-view camera and pressure monitoring system on tire are available as a standard feature on models. It has a passive anti-lock system, remote keyless entry and a perimeter alarm system with an exclusive built-in Security features.

Heroic Handling

The Ford Focus doesn’t just offer a great ride, it makes you feel like a hero. It can cling around the corners firmer and for an extended time than most of its competitors of the same segment. Also, it enhances their comfort zones gives the drivers the certainty to the drivers the assurance to enhance their comfort zones.

Ford Focus is agile and has an excellent body control. Are you looking to avail Ford Focus special offers?   Browse through our range of Ford Cars and get the best driving experience!