A Few Good Reasons to Consider the New BMW X7
A Few Good Reasons to Consider the New BMW X7

The BMW X7 special offers an elegant look with ground-breaking design. It is actually the largest in the BMW models that offers a luxury statement which offers extensive performance, and power.  This new BMW X7 is not only the class model of the X family, but it is also a progressive approach to the luxury BMW brand. If you are looking to own a high performing luxury class vehicle, that offers an amazing space and comfort, this new BMW X7 meets with the requirements. Moreover, the BMW X7 comes with the latest technology, best safety features, comfortable interiors and driver-assist attributes. Here are a few good reasons to consider the BMW X7 deals


There are 2 engine options in BMW X7 – (i) the xDrive40i 3.0-litre turbo-petrol engine that gives off an output of 338 bhp coupled with 450 Nm of turning force and (ii) xDrive30d 3.0-litre straight-six turbo-diesel engine that produces 260 bhp with 620 Nm rotating force. Both the engines encompass an 8-speed automatic transmission with four-wheel-drive system.


The interior of the new BMW X7 flaunts special luxury. It is shaped with dimensioned windows, ample space, and finely crafted seats to comfortably seat the passengers. Along with these details, the contour lighting, illumination details in the roof enriches the spaciousness and cosiness of the vehicle. At the same time, the driver’s cabin boasts of having options to elevate the seating to get a clear visibility.

Elegant Exteriors

The BMW X7 is a timeless elegance that possesses a distinctive styling. The beautifully designed kidney grille enables this vehicle to have a competitive edge over other sport utility vehicles. This new model is square shaped, enabling visibility from every angle, high roof with elevated side window glass that offers a spacious and airy cabin.


The ultra-luxurious vehicle, new BMW X7 has fuel cell drivetrain which provides the vehicle to cross very long distances. This is the perfect vehicle for your family’s next get away! Amenities like digital instrument cluster along with state-of-the art interface, lets the travellers seated in the first and second rows to share content.

Driving Experience

You get a diverse driving experience with the BMW X7.  It is not only suitable for long road trips, but also offers an amazing off-road capability.  The standard dynamic damper control present in BMW X7 copes up with the road’s imperfections.

Apart from all these features, the BMW X7 has impressive machines with spacious seating for seven. This luxury vehicle is the most stylish people transferor ever. If you are looking out for a spacious luxury with strong engines and driving dynamics, then you must consider the BMW X7.