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Is The New Honda CR-V A Good Buy?

Are you planning to buy a small sized SUV? Then you must consider the new Honda CR-V offers as well for your next vehicle buying option. The Honda CR-V is steadily progressing as a class vehicle focused on delivering a versatile and firm performance. From the acceleration to the engine, all the parts of the car is designed right to cater to the latest technology. Take a look at these reasons as to why you should consider the new Honda CR-V deals.

Ample Space

There are some SUVs in the market, which look big and spacious from the outside, but when you climb inside the car, you would have experienced that there is not enough space for the cargo to lodge up all the things that you carry with your or either the seat is cramped. But in the case of new Honda CR-V offers, the rear seat can comfortably seat at least two adults. Also, there is a cargo space of 37.2 cubic feet, behind the back seats. Another remarkable feature is, you can fold down the back seat to double the cargo space.

Turbocharged Engine

The Honda CR-V promotion prices are very affordable, especially on the base LX’s engine. While the upgrade to the 1.5-L inline with 4 turbocharged engine can be found on CR-V’s higher trim levels. But it is worth the cost.  The engine brings in a speed of 190 hp and 179 lb-ft of torque and is paired with standard CVT automatic transmission.

Comfortable Ride Quality

The Honda CR-V claims to have 18-inch tires and excellent suspension bushings work. This makes it to easily absorb the shocks encountered on the road. The advantage is, even if your car hits the roughest of roads or bumps, you are hardly ever going to feel it. Rather, you get a smooth, relaxing and sophisticated ride.

Sufficient Cargo Space

Cargo is one another attractive feature of the new Honda CR-V.  Even with all the seats in place, you will be able to get somewhere between 37.6 and 39.2 cubic feet of cargo space. You can extend the space even further by folding the rear seats down, resulting in a whopping cargo space of 75.8 cubic feet. If you are someone who is looking for a car with maximum cargo space, then Honda CR-V is your right option.

Excellent Visibility

You don’t have to make any guesswork when it comes to see what is around Honda CR-V. The forward view is completely perfect and you will be able to view the vehicle which is far enough, to calculate the distance to other objects. Moreover seeing out through the rear windows is also much easier, amid the rear headrests.