Is The New Honda Civic Worth Buying?

The all new Honda Civic has had much delight to the auto enthusiasts who waited for long to see this sedan back in action. The new version does not only offer a new and impressive design, but also offers many impressive features like improved infotainment system, fuel efficiency, excellent driving performance and lots more. Well, here are a few reasons as to why an individual should consider buying the new Honda Civic

Spacious Cabin

The new Honda Civic boasts of having a spacious cabin, which is almost huge for a vehicle of its similar segment. There is a lot more versatility added up to the design too. At the front, there is sufficient space for legs, heads, hips, and shoulders. Even the sunroof offers more head room. Even in the rear space, there is sufficient legroom for adults who are over 6 feet tall.

Chic Interiors

The New Honda Civic’s chic interiors are eye catching, and give out a contemporary look to the cabin. The plastic surfaces are well-constructed and will not break up any time soon. Things get more luxurious, when you scale up the variants.

Turbocharged Engine

The earlier version of Honda Civic did not have the diesel engine option, which was one of the reasons which led to its withdrawal. However, the new Honda civic comes with 1.6-litre diesel engine and 1.8-litre petrol engine, which is considered to be the most fuel efficient version in this segment. It has 4 cylinder engines, which is capable of producing 174 hp and 162 lb-ft of torque. This ensures an impressive fuel economy and speedy acceleration.

Standard Features

The new Honda Civic offers includes many interesting and standardized features, which makes it an alluring choice in the segment. The car has automatic climate control feature, digital instrument cluster, LED sharp headlamps, standard safety and infotainment features, lane departure warning and mitigation, automatic emergency braking and automatic cruise control. This also comprises of rearview camera and Bluetooth connectivity.

Comfortable Ride

The Honda Civic gives the perfect feel of riding a bigger vehicle. Even when you are riding on a road with flaws, you will not feel the jerk inside. This elegant sedan handles the rough patches with ease and does not lose any control on the road, it offers a firm performance. Even at highway speeds, the cabin remains relatively quiet.

Secure Braking System

The brake pedal is simply firm to control any driving condition. Even the panic halts can be made safe. This way the car stands out better than a few competitors of its segment. Also, the steering is effectively responsive and steady. The extent of pressure that you get through the wheel is simply right.

It is indeed safe and fun to drive the new Honda Civic. So, why wait, check out the new Honda Civic promotion and book one now!