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Important Features of New Ford Ranger

The new Ford Ranger was one of the most awaited compact pickup trucks, when Ford announced that they are bringing this popular truck model back into the market with added features.  It has been about 10 years since Ford stopped manufacturing the ranger, and this new Ford Ranger model has something for everyone, especially the drivers are sure to love this compact truck. It has arrived with latest technology, powerful engine and modern equipment. Here is all that you need to know about the features of new Ford Ranger –

Comfortable And Sleek Interiors

So many configurations and trims have been done on the new Ford Ranger. The interior space is so elegant and offers a premium look that you won’t forget soon. It also has more legroom in the back row, so it can comfortably seat up to five passengers easily. Apart from the comfortable seating the interior space is also well-designed and offers a smooth and stylish finish.

Auto Emergency Braking

When riding on roads with heavy traffic, it is easy to miss someone who is crossing the road at the front. The new Ford Ranger deals offer Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection in the front of the car to prevent any accidental collision. The car would either stop or automatically apply the brakes, even if you miss out. This feature is now common across the Ford Ranger special offers.

Lane Keep Assist System

The new Ford Ranger can now carefully detect if this compact truck unintentionally moves out of your lane. In case, if you move off the lane the steering wheel will vibrate to alert you. Moreover, if your Ford Ranger still continues out of lane, it will direct you back into your lane by making use of the steering torque.

Strong Exteriors

The Ford Ranger highlights a steel frame with steel bumpers attached to the front and back. The hood and the tailgate are made from aluminium. The front view portrays the name ‘Ranger’ in the front fascia, with updated lightings. You also get to enjoy LED headlights and fog lights with the new Ford Ranger.

Unmatched Efficiency

The Ford Ranger offers unmatched performance when compared with its earlier models, while offering economical driving conditions. It earns an estimated EPA of 21 MPG in the city and 26 MPG on the highway roads with standard rear-wheel drive capabilities, giving an impressive pickup.

Detects Traffic Signs

The standard Ford Ranger now comes with Traffic Sign Recognition, to control the speed of your vehicle and help you focus on the road. The camera at the front could easily detect your current driving speed limit and then display the same on the instrument cluster. If you still continue to drive on over speed, it will give you a visual and audible warning.

Hopefully these features mentioned above will help you understand if the new Ford Ranger is best for you. If you are still confused, discuss with the experts today!