We are a car buying agency , helping everyday Australians get better deals on their new car purchase. Changing the dreaded car buying process.

We have created a simple process that allows you to get prices from our dealers online, giving you access to our level of discount simply because your using us to make the purchase arrangements. We will then have your new car delivered to your door with complimentary floor mats, window tint and premium plates.

We are committed to give you the best personal car buying experience you have ever had. We will go above and beyond for you.

We use our expertise in the automotive industry and contacts with premium selected dealers to give you the best price on a new car. And because we get paid a referral fee we are totally unbiased with what car you buy. As long as it’s the right car and it will serve you well, otherwise we will guide to make sure you don’t buy a car you regret. Contact us

Most importantly, we offer a complete service that is FREE to you – we take care of your trade-in and competitive finance through our partnership with Financing & Co.

Our platform of 80% of dealers in Australia are online waiting to win your tender and your business, making your purchase so easy.

Without needing to do anything at all other than answer your phone and once the deal is done we will have your new car delivered to your door.

We will take care of your trade-in as a separate transaction and obtain a minimum of 6 independent valuations.

We can organise finance for you via our finance partner, Financing & Co.

We will pick up your current vehicle and deliver the new car to your door with a complimentary full tank of fuel and floor mats, tinted windows & premium plates.

We will never ask you to trust us, we simply gain your trust. Our process has been created to give you peace of mind that you are protected by us & we have your best interest at heart all the way through.

We’re 100% transparent with our services. So you’ll always know what you’re paying and why. Even when it comes to paying the holding deposit, we send the paperwork to you prior to asking for the deposit. So that if you like you can call the dealer and they will vouch for us and the process and that your payment processed will go towards the purchase of your new car.

We save you money because we partner with dealers to get you the best price and in return we give them a lot of business.

Simply put due to the volume of cars we buy we get access to cars no one else gets access to & pricing . We only tender out the requirements of genuine buyers, they work hard to win your business. We will make sure they do so that you save your hard earned money . The better the deal, the more bragging rights we will have and more chances you come back or tell everyone about us.

Yes. The same platform we use for new cars. We use for used cars, obviously it is not as easy due to the various amount of differences between used cars. But we do have a very successful ratio of happy clients.
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