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Buying a new car is time consuming, calculative, and requires a lot of running around to ensure that you get the best results. What makes things worse are the over competitive dealers and their reps who confuse you further. But the biggest question is – why bother with it when you have The Car Buying Agency?

Welcome to The Car Buying Agency, where your next car is our biggest pride! Whether you are looking for a family car, or your next shiny sports car, we’ve got you covered! Simply put in your query for your dream car, be it a family car, or a high-end luxury car, and leave the rest to us! If your dream car isn’t out yet, even then we can work our magic for you.

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avoid salesman and hustling
Our staff are highly trained to help you make the right choice and get the best result for you.

You can have your new car tendered out as quickly as a few hours & seal the deal within 24 hours.

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Whether it’s a brand-new car or one that isn’t available yet, we can arrange it for you through our contacts at dealers throughout Australia.

Any brand new car delivered by the winning dealer directly to you.

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Australia’s largest car buying service. Any new car , anywhere in Australia delivered to your door or picked up from the winning dealerships showroom. Service and prices guaranteed to make you happy you have chosen The Car Buying Agency as your car buying service.

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