Are Hyundai i30 Good Cars?

Hyundai had been highly successful with their i20 version and successfully sold a lot of them during the previous years. It was the premium hatchback with increased space and added features which was present only in the sedans. However, the Hyundai i30 has taken an extra leap forward with its stunning design, gripping performance, with world class features and finish. The premium Hyundai i30 special offers comes with a hatchback which is comfortably longer than 4m, and is quite sleek.  Keep reading to get an idea about the stunning aspects of the Hyundai i30 deals

Safety Features

Standard equipment is fitted to all models of Hyundai and i30 is no exception. It has proved to be effective and this is the reason why the Hyundai i30 new car deals have received a five-star score after the Euro NCAP crash testing. According to the test, it has been found to be 88% adult occupant protective and 84% child safe. The auto-dipping headlights is the best part of Hyundai i30 special offers, which dips upon sensing the approaching traffic and returns back to full beam when the road is clear. Also the additional safety features like Lane-keeping assistance and fatigue warning system, is of great help to the drivers. Another remarkable safety system is the autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system, which scans the road for any obstacles and brakes the car if it senses a forthcoming collision, in case if the driver misses to take an action. Blind-spot warning system is another added feature which alerts on rear cross-traffic, while sounding a warning during the reversing process, if vehicles are sensed in the i30’s path.


The dashboard contains a navigation touch screen available which helps put together all the connectivity features, media and navigation. The functionally positioned three-spoke steering wheel has almost all operation controls which allow easy and spontaneous operations. There is enough boot space, and head room, also there is sufficient quantity of room for the passengers to seat as well as to keep their luggage. The panoramic glass sunroof glides open to allow a much roomier look. The i30 offers generous luggage capacity to hold up to 395 litres. It consists of 7 airbags, 2 front airbags, 2 side airbags, curtain airbags from first to second row and a knee airbag for the driver.


The exteriors of the New Hyundai i30 features refined surfaces with a moulded body. The Cascading Grille is a new identity in the Hyundai models now, which is present in the i30 as well. The front view is expressive and confident enough to create a noticeable charisma on the road. The rear view gives a compact look with a slightly slanting roofline. This design means to help the Active Air Flap in front to help with the car’s cooling.

The Hyundai i30 comes packed with the best safety features and latest technology. So, don’t look further, get is incredibly inspiring car which is best in comfort and responsiveness.